International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Effect of tai chi exercise along with conventional on pain, balance and funtion in patients with knee osteoarthritis at the end of 4 weeks: A randomized control trial
Pages: 01-08  
Relationship of locus of control with motor fitness of university level of team game players
Pages: 09-10  
to find out the effect of recovery posture on VO2max using Queens College step test in young females of 18-25 years
Pages: 11-13  
Effect of yoga on static surface with visual feedback on balance in patients with chronic stroke: A randomized clinical trial
Pages: 14-20  
Effect of knee-to-chest position versus pelvic rocking exercise on primary dysmennorhea in non-exercising females at the end of 4 weeks: A randomized control trial
Pages: 21-25  
Comparision of effectivenes of isometrics to resistance training on pain and disabiltiy in patients with oa kneee age group (45 -55 YRS)
Pages: 26-29  
Immediate effect of mulligan technique to correct the kyphotic deformity in cervical spondylosis patients
Pages: 30-37  
Immediate effect of active release technique on hamstring tightness and performance in discus throwers: An Experimental study
Pages: 38-41  
Effectiveness of tibialis posterior strengthening exercise on flexible pes planus in female kathak dancers at the end of 6 weeks: An experimental study
Pages: 42-45  
Effectiveness of pelvic floor exercise versus mulligan concept lumbar snag on chronic non-specific low back pain and functional disability in postpartum women at the end of 8 weeks: A comparative study
Pages: 46-52  
The role of physical training in sports
Pages: 53-56  
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