International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Effectiveness of tanzberger exercises on pain and disability in chronic low back pain in females: A randomized controlled trial
Pages: 01-08  
Effectiveness of basic body awareness therapy on depression in parents of disabled children: A cross sectional study
Pages: 09-14  
A study on self-reported knowledge and attitude about doping in sports among elite track and field athletes in Sri Lanka
Pages: 15-17  
A comparative study of motor fitness between sprinter and long-distance runner in Bangladesh
Pages: 18-22  
Effect of skill training and combination of skill and yoga asanas training on playing ability among intercollegiate female basketball players
Pages: 23-25  
Prevalence of the pattern of cerebral palsy children seen in registered Zilla parishad of Sangli district
Pages: 26-31  
Effects on dynamic capacity of basketball players after practising suryanamaskar
Pages: 32-36  
A review study on status and recognition of sports women in Indian society
Pages: 37-38  
Combined effect of yoga ball training and psychological intervention training on anxiety among college athletes
Pages: 39-41  
A historical study on relationship between altitude and performance of men long jumper in modern Olympic game
Pages: 42-43  
Influence of yogic practice and aerobic training on selected motor fitness components among school girls
Pages: 44-45  
Role of Nasal concentrations of Cl¯ ions by Jala Neti in COVID-19 Infection
Pages: 46-48  
to study respiratory exchange ratio with academic stress and physical activity levels in first year MBBS students
Pages: 49-53  
Effect of knee taping and exercises on pain and disability in knee osteoarthritis
Pages: 54-57  
Awareness of special children’s parents about pes planus-cross sectional survey
Pages: 58-61  
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