International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Effect of Reverse Distraction technique and Scapular Mobilization on Shoulder Flexion and Abduction Range of Motion, Pain and Disability in Primary Adhesive Capsulitis- A Comparative Study
Pages: 01-06  
Compare the effect of ankle taping versus balance exercises on static and dynamic postural stability in Kathak dancers with chronic ankle instabilities
Pages: 07-12  
The influence of gender on personality traits of sportsperson
Pages: 13-15  
Effects of hip abductors and lateral rotators strengthening versus core muscles strengthening on pain and function in women with patellofemoral pain syndrome
Pages: 16-19  
Effect of proprioceptive exercises on knee joint position sense and balance in patients with knee osteoarthritis
Pages: 20-24  
Effect of yogic exercises on flexibility and agility of the Kabaddi and Kho - Kho Players
Pages: 25-27  
Team effectiveness in sport teams: A theoretical review
Pages: 28-29  
A study of relationship between selected physical fitness with playing ability of university level handball players
Pages: 30-31  
Peaceful physical fitness
Pages: 32-33  
Effectiveness of self myofascial release on pain and functional ability in recreational runners with medial tibial stress syndrome
Pages: 34-36  
Effect of relaxation techniques on fatigue and headaches in premenstrual syndrome
Pages: 37-43  
Relationship among various methods for measuring cervical range of motion
Pages: 44-46  
Combined effect of yoga ball training and psychological intervention training on stress among college athletes
Pages: 47-49  
Building model badminton club to promote health for TNUT male students
Pages: 50-51  
Yoga practice and well-being, life satisfaction, and happiness: A descriptive study
Pages: 52-58  
Comparative study of eye hand coordination and depth perception among hockey and Volleyball players
Pages: 59-60  
Yoga Poses to balance Panch Maha Bhuta & to cure Diseases
Pages: 61-63  
Influence of yoga in achieving peace of mind
Pages: 64-66  
Effect of 8 weeks meditation on test anxiety among school going boys
Pages: 67-69  
Effectiveness of aerobic exercise and yoga intervention on symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in healthy young females: A comparative study
Pages: 70-73  
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