International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Effectiveness of PNF along with stair gait training on dynamic balance assessed by functional reach test in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
Pages: 04-06  
Correlation of trunk mobility with balance and gait in patients with Parkinsonism
Pages: 07-11  
Assessment of level of physical fitness and level of mental stress in exercising and non-exercising physiotherapy students
Pages: 12-16  
Effectiveness of visual vestibular habituation and controlled breathing for motion sickness
Pages: 17-25  
Effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques on core muscle strength and endurance in healthy individuals
Pages: 26-29  
The influence of level of sports competition on anxiety behavior between national and state level women players
Pages: 30-32  
Impact of yoga on physical fitness to Sportsperson: fitness and its components
Pages: 33-34  
Influence of physiological variables to skill performance of Hockey players
Pages: 35-38  
Immediate effect of dry needling versus strain counterstrain technique on elbow pain and functional disability among lateral epicondylitis patients: A comparative study
Pages: 39-43  
Effects of aerobic training on resting heart rate in sedentary women
Pages: 44-46  
Progressive effects of practice of a structured module of yoga and pranayama on depression, anxiety, stress levels and cardiopulmonary efficiency of young adult females
Pages: 47-50  
Effectiveness of isometric neck exercises and dynamic neck exercises in auto rickshaw drivers with non- specific chronic neck pain: A comparative study
Pages: 51-54  
Development of yogic inventory based on classical yoga for cancer and palliative care
Pages: 55-56  
To compare the effects of Pilates and Swiss ball exercise on chronic nonspecific low back pain and functional disability
Pages: 57-61  
Analysis on difference of characteristics of physical education students and badminton players in terms of anxiety age and gender
Pages: 62-65  
Effect of eccentric contraction exercise training on shoulder flexion of gymnast
Pages: 66-67  
A study of muscular endurance among school boys of central development region of Nepal
Pages: 68-70  
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