International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Performance analysis of batsman and bowler in relation to dynamic balance in cricket
Pages: 01-04  
Comparative study on BMI among intercollegiate volleyball players
Pages: 05-06  
Measurement of competition level anxiety of university level players by using scat in north zone in India
Pages: 07-09  
Gender inequality in print media coverage of the Rio Olympic 2016
Pages: 10-11  
Uses of yoga therapy in daily life
Pages: 12-14  
Role of sports in controlling stress
Pages: 15-18  
Relationship among standing height leg explosive power and shoulder strength on volley ball male players volleyball spiking accuracy
Pages: 19-21  
Study of physical fitness and technical skills on college soccer players playing positions
Pages: 22-26  
Research study on the effect of yoga therapy on frontal sinusitis head ache by using Infra Red thermal imaging system and blood test
Pages: 27-30  
Effect of different durations of warming up on agility of school students of Indore
Pages: 31-32  
Comparative study of health related physical fitness among the Athletes and Non-Athletes
Pages: 33-34  
Role of physical therapy in patient with myotonic dystrophy type-2
Pages: 35-37  
Nutrition for Basketball
Pages: 38-39  
Evaluation of sport nutrition knowledge of coaches in Ethiopian premier league football clubs
Pages: 40-52  
Effect of abdominal supporting belt on post-partum abdominal strength following vaginal delivery
Pages: 53-58  
Effectiveness of eurythmics on dynamic balance and fear of fall in subacute stroke patients
Pages: 59-63  
Effect of specific training on selected physical fitness variables of college football level players
Pages: 64-66  
Correlation between external palpation and internal palpation of pelvic floor muscle among women
Pages: 67-69  
Effect of step aerobic training for six weeks with 6 inches step platform at 118 and 126 beats per minute (BPM) on kinematic (Partial temporal) variables
Pages: 70-75  
A comparative study of flexibility between kabaddi and kho-kho games players
Pages: 76-77  
To compare the effectiveness of core strengthening with slump sciatic nerve glides and core strengthening with sciatic nerve glides in straight leg raise position in women with low back pain and unilateral lower extremity radicular symptoms to reduce pain and disability
Pages: 78-82  
Effects of tens vs IFT in patients on pain and function on osteoarthritis of knee: A randomized control trial
Pages: 83-86  
A comparative study of physical fitness between adolescent boys of Bangladesh and India
Pages: 87-91  
The influence of demographical variables on achievement motivation of sportswomen
Pages: 92-95  
Status and recognition of sportswomen in India
Pages: 96-99  
Added effect of pranayama with aerobic exercises for reducing blood pressure in pre hypertensives
Pages: 100-106  
A study on global development, rise and awareness of yoga
Pages: 107-113  
A comparative study of sports aggression of university level sepaktakraw players
Pages: 114-116  
Effect of aerobic training on flexibility among endomorph students
Pages: 117-118  
Effect of yogic practice on mental skills of fencing players
Pages: 119-120  
Effect of power yoga on BMI, cardiac endurance and mental health in middle-aged obese females
Pages: 121-124  
To study the selected psycho-social predictors of sports persons
Pages: 125-130  
Proportional study on sports, yoga and health awareness of the rustic and urban high school students of Shivamogga district
Pages: 131-133  
Diet, nutrition for prevention of cancer
Pages: 134-137  
Effect of walking and running on muscular endurance
Pages: 138-139  
Compare the effectiveness of static stretching and muscle energy technique on hamstring tightness among student population
Pages: 140-143  
Obstetric pan brachial plexopathy: Case report
Pages: 144-146  
Efficacy of yoga in pain management of osteoarthritis patients
Pages: 147-151  
Effect of yoga therapy on selected bio-chemical variables among diabetic mellitus middle aged men Virudhunagar district
Pages: 152-154  
Relationship between neurocognitive impairment and obstructive sleep apnoea hypopnoea syndrome (OSAHS)
Pages: 155-157  
Effect of aerobic dance training on body composition of young women
Pages: 158-161  
Comparison of back, leg and abdominal strength different team games players
Pages: 162-164  
Physiological profiles of university level handball players
Pages: 165-167  
Impact of achievement motivation on sports persons
Pages: 168-170  
A study of inclusive policies and practices in physical education within universities across Maharashtra
Pages: 171-176  
A comparative study of fat and speed among male and female basketball players
Pages: 177-179  
Analysis of scapular contribution in shoulder complex extension
Pages: 180-183  
Benefit of archery game to improve health and fitness
Pages: 184-185  
Relationship of attacking ability of volleyball players with height and fitness variables
Pages: 186-187  
Effect of yogic training program on agility of B.P.ED students
Pages: 188-189  
A comparative study between Pilates and Suryanamaskar on flexibility in women having sedentary lifestyle using sit and reach test and shoulder and wrist test
Pages: 190-195  
A study on corrective effect of yogic asanas on severity of polycystic ovary syndrome in some selective women
Pages: 196-200  
Effect of 12 weeks combined training on performance of basketball players
Pages: 201-207  
Yoga and Vyayama: Traditional mind-body technique of ancient India
Pages: 208-211  
A case report of cerebral and cerebellar atrophy with cardiomyopathy and depression in a 29 years aged male
Pages: 212-214  
Effect of virtual reality based rehabilitation on balance in stroke patient’s: An evidence based study
Pages: 215-217  
Effectiveness of Kinesio taping on ball release speed in district level young male cricket pace bowlers
Pages: 218-223  
Effect of approved and non-approved racket on fore hand chop to chop skill acquisition amongst the novice table tennis players
Pages: 224-227  
Comparative study of modern archers and traditional archer’s performance of Ladakh
Pages: 228-229  
Effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on pain in patients with intercostal drainage tube: A pilot study
Pages: 230-232  
Effect of plyometric training on take-off and touch-down of male hurdlers in 400 meters hurdle race
Pages: 233-236  
Behavioural response to exercise in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Pages: 237-241  
Comparison of status of agility between badminton and tennis male players
Pages: 242-243  
Relationship between shuttle-run (10×4) yards and hexagon agility test of school boys of different age groups of Pune city
Pages: 244-245  
Comparative study of sport competition and anxiety among Volleyball and Kho-Kho player of girls high school of Kargil Ladakh
Pages: 246-247  
Impact of ICT training on achievement motivation of national sportspersons
Pages: 248-249  
Point system in field hockey: An attempt to increase dribbling skills and scoring of field goals
Pages: 250-251  
Sports achievement motivation between male Kabaddi and Kho-Kho players: A comparison
Pages: 252-254  
Immediate and one week endurance exercise effect on platelet
Pages: 255-257  
Kinematic analysis of barefoot and shod running in top speed zone of 100M sprints
Pages: 258-261  
Comparison of results between the equations of body fat assessment by Jackson & Pollock of four sites, seven sites skin folds and girth measurement
Pages: 262-265  
Role of yoga in the management of premenstrual syndrome
Pages: 266-269  
Effect of suryanamaskar on flexibility across the gender
Pages: 270-274  
Yoga mudras as in ancient texts and its current relevance
Pages: 275-278  
Effects of yogic Kriyas on diabetic patients
Pages: 279-282  
Effectiveness of Hatha Yoga on Balance assessed by Berg Balance Scale in Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
Pages: 283-285  
To compare effectiveness of constraint induced movement therapy versus mirror therapy along with conventional therapy to improve hand function in chronic stroke patients
Pages: 286-293  
Role of sky yoga in overcoming fear of death and enhancing quality of life
Pages: 294-300  
Role of nutrition in performance enhancement and post exercise recovery
Pages: 301-305  
Effect of positional release therapy versus muscle energy technique on neck pain in female hairdressers: A comparative study
Pages: 306-309  
Effect of selected yogic practice on vital capacity of hostel students
Pages: 310-311  
Effect of selected yogic practice on aggression of hostal student
Pages: 312-313  
Perceived self-efficacy among yoga practitioners, meditation practitioners and outdoor game players
Pages: 314-317  
Effect of yog asana on physical fitness of young wrestlers
Pages: 318-319  
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