International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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A comparative study of will to win between male and female inter-Collegiate Kabaddi players of Manipur
Pages: 01-02  
A comparative study on selected anthropometric characteristics in national male volleyball players
Pages: 03-07  
A study on locus of control and aggressive behaviour of sportsperson
Pages: 08-10  
Dietary supplements, do we need them?
Pages: 11-12  
Comparison between body mass index and bone mineral density among rural and urban post-menopausal women
Pages: 13-14  
A correlation study of personality traits and aggressive behavior of group and individual games sportswomen
Pages: 15-19  
Effect of yoga on sports performance
Pages: 20-23  
Association of body composition parameters with the health related quality of life among young adult males
Pages: 24-28  
Leg cramps: Symptom, causes and prevention
Pages: 29-32  
Effect of eight weeks proprioceptors training on agility of male Kho-Kho players
Pages: 33-38  
The relationship between drug abuse and crime in world
Pages: 39-42  
Stress reductive mechanisms in yoga practice
Pages: 43-46  
Study on achievement motivation among Kuvempu University inter collegiate women players
Pages: 47-48  
Study on BMI status of rural high school boys among various academic divisions of Karnataka state
Pages: 49-51  
Effect of cricket specific training on cricket batting ability among college level men cricketers of J&K State
Pages: 52-53  
Comparison of selected physical fitness components between Kashmiri and Non Kashmiri physical education students of Annamalai university
Pages: 54-56  
Effect of specific yoga and aerobic exercises on selected motor abilities among cricket players
Pages: 57-60  
Prevalence and study of risk factor for work related Musculo-Skeletal disorders among farmers
Pages: 61-63  
A comparative study of selected mental health differentials between Kabaddi and Football male players of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur
Pages: 64-65  
Role of physical education teacher in schools
Pages: 66-67  
A comparative study of psychological variables between male and female badminton players
Pages: 68-70  
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in swimming athletes
Pages: 71-76  
Importance of physical education in today’s schools
Pages: 77-78  
Comparetive study on body composition among Kho-Kho players, Kabaddi players, physical education trainee students and untrained females
Pages: 79-82  
Correlation of cognition with fast walking speed in diabetic patients
Pages: 83-85  
Sports and conflict prevention; Developing self-esteem and role of sport for global peace: A mixed method study in context with Kashmir
Pages: 86-89  
Doping and Ergogenic Aids in Sports – A Boon or Bane?
Pages: 90-92  
Yoga survey and its activity on people’s group of different field
Pages: 93-96  
Correlation between Fullerton advanced balance scale and timed up and go test in community dwelling older adults
Pages: 97-100  
Comparison of Pilates exercises and conventional treatment in people with knee osteoarthritis: A pilot study
Pages: 101-105  
Comparison of physiological and psychomotor variables among football, handball and cricket game players
Pages: 106-109  
Effect of eight weeks aerobic exercises on physical and physiological variables among college men
Pages: 110-113  
Effect of specific drill training package on selected physiological variables among college men football players
Pages: 114-116  
Regulating sports and games in India: Need of a comprehensive legislation
Pages: 117-120  
Effects of pelvic floor muscle training vs an assisted pelvic floor muscle training among rural perimenopausal women with urinary incontinence: A comparative study
Pages: 121-124  
Outcomes of anaerobic training, skill related and combined training on selected physiological variables among women basketball players
Pages: 125-128  
Effectiveness of theraband® exercises on elderly individuals with osteoarthritis of knee
Pages: 129-133  
Physiological profile of traditional games
Pages: 134-136  
Aggression and sports competition anxiety between university level male badminton and basketball players
Pages: 137-139  
An assessment of agility between judokas and wrestlers: A comparative study
Pages: 140-141  
Influence of selected asanas and Suryanamaskar on selected physiological and fitness variables among college women player
Pages: 142-144  
A study on the need of physical education and attitude toward physical education
Pages: 145-146  
Influence of yogic practices on resting pulse rate and vital capacity among inter collegiate soccer players
Pages: 147-150  
Assessment of team cohesion between national level volleyball and basketball players
Pages: 151-153  
A comparative study on selected physical fitness components between kabaddi and kho-kho players
Pages: 154-156  
A comparative study of home environment between male sports persons and female sports persons
Pages: 157-158  
A comparative study of performance enhancement attitude scale, perceived social loafing & sports commitment at different level of sports competition
Pages: 159-162  
Comparative study of pre-competitive anxiety between inter-college male and female athletes
Pages: 163-164  
A critical analysis of human behaviour in modern society
Pages: 165-167  
Comparative study of explosive strength of weight lifters and wrestlers in Rewari, India
Pages: 168-169  
Involvement and scopes of yoga for women
Pages: 170-173  
Surya Namaskara: A key to good health
Pages: 174-176  
Effect of short term resistance exercise using elastic resistance band versus aerobic exercise in obese patient: Randomized clinical trail
Pages: 177-180  
Effect of exercise on bone density and osteoporosis of menopausal women: A review study
Pages: 181-185  
Mental health and sport
Pages: 186-187  
Importance of self-confidence on bio-motor variables among women volleyball players
Pages: 188-189  
Analysis of physical fitness among secondary school girls
Pages: 190-192  
Effect of aerobic dance with music on selected health related fitness parameters among adolescent school girls
Pages: 193-196  
Effectiveness of retrowalking on hamstring tightness and dynamic balance in young collegiate students
Pages: 197-201  
Effect of yoga practices on achivement motivation among back pain patients
Pages: 202-203  
A study of job satisfaction on secondary school physical education teachers
Pages: 204-207  
Mental health among the athletes and non-athletes
Pages: 208-210  
Comparative study on personality traits and emotional intelligence between individual and team athletes
Pages: 211-213  
Effects of Yogasanas Training on Strength in Sportsmen’s
Pages: 214-216  
Investigation of selected motor fitness components between batsmen and bowler in cricket: An exploratory study
Pages: 217-219  
Comparative study of aggression and self concept among sports persons and non sports persons of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati
Pages: 220-225  
Practice of relaxation techniques amongst working women
Pages: 226-229  
Investigation of sports competition anxiety of intercollegiate volleyball players
Pages: 230-231  
Relationship of kinematic analysis and performance of long jump athletes
Pages: 232-235  
Organoleptic evaluation and shelf-life study of Tender Jowar
Pages: 236-239  
The effect of social support on the performance of women’s basketball players
Pages: 240-241  
Kinematic and dynamic analysis of long jump
Pages: 242-245  
Sports injuries among young basketball players: A retrospective study
Pages: 246-249  
Relationship of selected anthropometric variables and handball playing ability
Pages: 250-252  
Impact of model physical education curriculum on selected speed (visual reaction speed) parameters among preadolescent dexetrous school boys
Pages: 253-255  
A comparative study of self-esteem among different game female players
Pages: 256-257  
Effect of circuit training on strength of B.P.Ed students
Pages: 258-259  
Organic agents which increase the flow of urine
Pages: 260-264  
Socio-economic factor down fall hockey in Punjab
Pages: 265-268  
Socio-economic status of hockey player
Pages: 269-272  
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