International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Enhancing wellness of adolescents through yogic practices
Pages: 01-04  
Comparative study of selected physical fitness variables of university silver medalist judokas and boxers
Pages: 05-07  
Effectiveness of psychological relaxation technique on the cognitive state anxiety of athlete
Pages: 08-11  
Effect of Sand and Land plyometric training on speed and explosive power among Basketball players
Pages: 12-14  
Kinematic analysis of bunch start
Pages: 15-22  
Influence of gender on choice of postural deformities
Pages: 23-25  
Kinematic analysis of elongated start
Pages: 26-32  
Upshot of Tabata sprint training on selected speed parameters among men football players
Pages: 33-36  
An assessment of physical and health education curriculum as sustainable development programme in Nigeria
Pages: 37-41  
Effects of aerobics dance on body composition and flexibility in sedentary women
Pages: 42-45  
The effect of speed, agility and quickness drills training program on selected physiological variables on hockey players
Pages: 46-50  
Kinematic differences among the players/repetitions and between the gender in regard to right (Dominant) Leg lunges exercise for lower extremities with 15 RM load
Pages: 51-56  
An analytical study of energy intake and expenditure of judokas and long distance runners
Pages: 57-59  
Training sequel of aquatic plyometric training on selected physical parameters among male soccer players
Pages: 60-64  
A comparative study of selected motor fitness components between inter-university and inter-college male Kabaddi players
Pages: 65-67  
Coordinative abilities between Badminton and Tennis Players: A comparative study
Pages: 68-70  
Role of palatal exercises in patient with post diphtheric palatal palsy: A case record
Pages: 71-73  
Relationship of Linear Kinematical Variables with 30 Meter Performance at 60/75 Angle of Block in Athletic
Pages: 74-75  
Effect of six weeks step aerobic training on selected kinetic (Ground reaction force) and kinematic (Temporal) variables of female with a step height of 8 inches and intensity of 118 beats per minute
Pages: 76-79  
A comparative effect of different SAQ training on selected physiological variables among school athletes
Pages: 80-82  
Benefits of meditation
Pages: 83-84  
Physical inactivity and motor skills in children with autism spectrum disorder: The role of exergames
Pages: 85-89  
Comparative study of selected physical fitness components of female boxers, fencers and taekwondos
Pages: 90-92  
Effect of yoga practices on vital capacity of mild hypertension low intensity continuous training university college of physical education teachers in Kakatiya University, Telangana
Pages: 93-94  
Qualities of yoga practitioners, obstructions & precautions according to classical yoga texts
Pages: 95-97  
Impact of social media on body image of sports persons
Pages: 98-103  
Comparative study on balance among yoga and Bharatanatyam practicing students
Pages: 104-107  
Comparative study on selected fitness test among the football referees and footballers
Pages: 108-110  
Influence of socio-economic status on mental health of sports women
Pages: 111-113  
A comparative study of extrinsic, intrinsic and amotivation between female Inter-University players participating in different sports disciplines
Pages: 114-117  
Effect of endurance training on cardio-respiratory of Kabaddi players
Pages: 118-119  
Kinematic analysis of fundamental Service of college tennis players
Pages: 120-123  
The effect of yoga therapy on selected systolic pressure and diastolic pressure variables on stage one hyper tension patients among men
Pages: 124-126  
Effect of imagery ability training on the passing and serving skills of the university volleyball players in Pakistan
Pages: 127-128  
Effect of yoga on selected lipid profile on mild intellectually persons
Pages: 129-130  
A qualitative study to identify the prevalence of obesity, habit of physical activity and the barriers of physical activity among college women students in Tamil Nadu, India
Pages: 131-138  
Development of strength-endurance with regard to Pmax in conditioning preparation in boxers
Pages: 139-142  
An interventional study for assessing the impact of yoga on anxiety levels of medical students under stress
Pages: 143-146  
Relationship of body composition with the throwing skill among the male softball players
Pages: 147-150  
Food habits and nutrient intake of female soccer athletes of Mumbai city, India
Pages: 151-155  
Development of norms for selected physical fitness parameters of male football goalkeepers
Pages: 156-159  
A survey on awareness for blood donation in physical education students of Noida college physical education, Noida
Pages: 160-162  
Basketball players attitude towards forests related to environment
Pages: 163-165  
Relationship between various anthropometric variables and accuracy of netball players of Chandigarh
Pages: 166-168  
Difficulties fronting physical education teachers in Kathmandu valley from perspective of the teachers themselves
Pages: 170-175  
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