International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

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Study of upper body strength, explosive leg strength and cardio respiratory endurance of korfball and netball players: A comparison
Pages: 01-04  
Effect of yogic practices on physical and physiological parameters of inter-collegiate Male handball players
Pages: 05-07  
Impact of moderate and high intensity aerobic exercise on selected bio motor performance of college men football players
Pages: 08-10  
Effects of aerobic and zumba training on cardiovascular endurance among middle aged women
Pages: 11-13  
Effect of aerobic training on physical fitness components of hockey players
Pages: 14-16  
Effect of aerobic exercise training on selected haematological variables among college women’s
Pages: 17-19  
A study on Pearson product moment correlation of anthropometric measurements and motor fitness components of pole vault players
Pages: 20-23  
A study of competitive anxiety of elite recurve archers of India
Pages: 24-26  
Effect of twelve week sports training on selected motor variables of hockey players
Pages: 27-31  
Effect of Trataka on blood pressure of college level female students
Pages: 32-34  
Comparative study of depth cognition among the female players of cricket at inter college and intervarsity level
Pages: 35-36  
Women: The backbone of the society
Pages: 37-38  
Psychological wellbeing: The concern for older adults
Pages: 39-40  
Effect of lifestyle on bone mineral density in elderly populations
Pages: 41-42  
Psychological wellbeing as a determinant of physical health at older ages
Pages: 43-44  
Yoga a science, an art or a philosophy: A critical analysis
Pages: 45-48  
Geriatric health in India: Concerns and Solutions
Pages: 49-51  
Physical activity is medicine for older adults
Pages: 52-55  
Handball playing ability: A case study of college level players
Pages: 56-59  
Mental toughness in state level football players: A comparative study
Pages: 60-62  
To find out the comparison between agility and balance of basketball and handball players: Comparative study
Pages: 63-66  
Occupational stress among the female teachers of private schools of Gwalior
Pages: 67-68  
A comparative study of vital capacity of long distance runner and sprinters at CSJM University (Kanpur)
Pages: 69-70  
Effect of physical training for improving endurance ability of Delhi elderly people
Pages: 71-72  
Effects of a pranayama interpolation on lipid profile of young adults
Pages: 76-81  
Study of eating attitudes and social physique anxiety among university students
Pages: 82-85  
Effects of pranayama technique on lipid profile variables of young adults
Pages: 100-104  
A study on different aspects of yoga and impact of yoga on stress
Pages: 105-107  
Evaluation of skill-related physical fitness components of cricketers at different level of competition
Pages: 108-111  
Effect of fielding drills to intensify the efficacy of motor components among cricketers
Pages: 112-113  
Training and detraining impact on cardio respiratory endurance: An over view
Pages: 114-117  
Assessment of respiratory indices of female pace bowlers and spin bowlers
Pages: 118-122  
Significance of yoga in modern life
Pages: 123-125  
Recovery from temporomandibular joint dysfunction: An overview of different physiotherapy approaches
Pages: 126-131  
Comparative study on anxiety level and self-efficacy among inter-college and inter-university softball players
Pages: 132-133  
A comparative study on state anxiety and trait anxiety among inter-college and inter-university softball players
Pages: 134-135  
A comparative study of individual game player and team game player on endurance and strength ability
Pages: 136-138  
Prevalence of flat foot deformity among the students of elite and slum schools of union territory of Chandigarh
Pages: 139-142  
Analyse the changes on high density lipoprotein cholesterol in response to yogic practices among middle aged men and women of different age groups
Pages: 143-147  
Flow State (DFS-2) among Cricketers: A comparative study
Pages: 148-150  
Analysis of aggression and stress vulnerability among players of different field in cricket
Pages: 151-154  
Analysis of the effect of yoga practices on pre-menstrual syndrome
Pages: 155-157  
A research study on the efficacy of Yoga on Memory Power and Examination marks of School Children
Pages: 158-161  
Physical Fitness among the 14 years old rural and urban boys from Punjab
Pages: 162-164  
Circadian rhythm based 16 week ladder and circuit training programme for selected strength related variables on sports homo sapiens
Pages: 165-168  
Birth order and watersports involvement
Pages: 169-170  
A comparison between personality & sport competitive anxiety among handball players at different levels achievement
Pages: 171-172  
Relationship of physiological parameters with the fielding skill among the male softball players
Pages: 173-176  
A comparative analysis of flow state in football performance
Pages: 177-180  
Effect of plyometric training on selected physical and physiological variables among college level volleyball players
Pages: 181-184  
Effect of positioning of the contralateral lower limb on neurodynamics of straight leg raise test in subjects with low back pain
Pages: 185-188  
Effectiveness of multimedia games in promoting nutrition and health awareness and practices among young children: A systematic review
Pages: 189-202  
Yoga for ideal and peak performance in sports
Pages: 203-205  
Acquiring mental peace in tune to Patanjali yoga sutras
Pages: 206-208  
A comparative study of selected anthropometric measurements between inter-university and intercollege male Kabaddi players
Pages: 209-211  
Self-Sufficiency among all India inter university men netball players
Pages: 212-214  
Importance of sports psychology in physical education and sports
Pages: 215-218  
An analytical study of postural deformities in school children of rural area in Punjab
Pages: 219-221  
A study of passion and locus of control among athletes and non-athletes
Pages: 222-223  
Relationship between selected psychological characteristics and performance of Kabaddi players
Pages: 224-225  
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