International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Yoga practice and the development of psychosocial competences: A descriptive study

Author(s): Catarina Silva, António Rosado, Alexandre Ramos
Abstract: The aim of this study was to verify the relations between yoga practice and resilience, optimism, nuclear self-evaluations and spiritual well-being, according to gender, age, years and volume of practice and yoga teaching. Participants were 281 adults (214 practitioners and 67 non-practitioners of yoga) between 18 and 90 years old, 81% women and 19% men. The Wagnild and Young Resilience Scale (RS), the Revised Life Guidance Test (LOT-R), the Nuclear Self-Assessment Scale (EA-AN) and the Spiritual Wellness Questionnaire (SWBQ) were applied. To analyze the data, the software IBM SPSS Statistics (Version 25) was used, analyzing the variance, correlations and multiple regressions. For all statistical tests the significance level was set at.05. The results indicate the significant differences between practitioners and non-practitioners of yoga in personal resilience, F (1, 281) = 1.64, p =.02, in global, F (1, 281) = -8.47, p <.01, personal F(1, 281) = -5.31, p =.02, environmental, F(1, 281) = 17.83, p <.01, and transcendental spiritual well-being, F(1, 281) = 23.44, p <.01. Total practice volume positively influence spiritual well-being transcendental dimension, F (4, 181) = 2.64, p <.01.
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