International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2019)

Claping hands: Boon for your health

Author(s): Dr. R Vidhya Sree
Abstract: Generally, we clap when we want to praise someone or something. It is a part of appreciation practice but there is a lot more to it than we think! Clapping has been proven to provide a lot of health benefits that most of us aren’t aware of! Just like laughing therapy, clapping therapy is also becoming popular as an easy and effective healing practice. Our human body is very complex. Every organ is linked to each other. The palms have blood vessels and nerve endings. If you stimulate them, a lot of your health problems would be healed! This is surprisingly true. The benefit of clapping: it has been scientifically proven that clapping is the best exercise for various disorders. Clapping therapy is a simple exercise which can be done by anyone irrespective of their age. Daily 10 minutes of clapping helps to stay active the whole day. Our body has 340 known pressure points, 28 of which are in our hand. Stimulation of this points benefits in a great way. It is the best cure for digestive disorders, back pain, neck pain, joint pain and also improves immune system. Clapping is associated with all good things in life – promotions, good grades, celebrations, and more. It’s associated with happiness in our life. There are as many as 30+ acupressure points in both palms. If we can activate pressure points by clapping them together with regular practice, we can yield stunning benefits.
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