International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2019)

Influence of power yoga on the explosive strength of upper and lower limbs and heart performance of dancers

Author(s): Dominika Škultétyová, Monika Czaková, Natália Kováčová, Vladimír Šutka
Abstract: This work was focused on the influence of 8-week power yoga training program on the explosion of upper and lower limbs, heart performance and cognitive processes of dancers of the main age category. The research group consisted of the experimental group which exercises through their dancing training the power yoga program 2 times a week for 60 minutes and control group which was concentrated only for dancing training. In both groups, there were 8 dancers from Stella Považská Bystrica and Lentilky Žilina dancing clubs. We provided the input measurements of both groups before the beginning of the 8-week phase of power yoga training program and output measurements at the end of the 8-week training program phase of power yoga. The practiced power yoga was focused on the exercise of strengthening the phasic muscles, stretching the postural muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory system and stress reduction. All factors were part of the limiting factors which largely influence the dancing sport performance.
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