International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

A Comparative study of cardiovascular endurance between government and private high school Girls of Gulbarga, district

Author(s): Dr. Srinivas S Kolkur, Dr. Rajkumar P Malipatil
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the difference of Cardiovascular Endurance between Government and Private High Schools girls of Gulbarga district. 80 (Eighty) girls from Government High School (40) and Private High School (40), age ranging from 13 to 17years were selected as the subject. The data pertaining to the study were collected by employing the Modified Harvard Step Test and the t-ratio statistical technique was employed to compare the mean value at 0.05 level of confidence. On the basis of result it was conclude that insignificant difference was observed in the Cardio Vascular Endurance between both the groups. It was also observed that the Government High School going girls have better Cardiovascular Endurance than Private High School going girls.
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