International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

Effect of yoga therapy on glycemic parameters in type 2 diabetes subjects

Author(s): Sonal Bhardwaj, Sonali Sharma, Sapna Jangir, Prahlad Dhakar
Abstract: Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) a major health problem and effect of yoga on the endocrine system, nervous system and physical health are well documented. Anti glycemic activity of yoga is a potential area of study. Aims & Objectives: To study the effectiveness of yoga intervention on glycemic status and anthropometry parameters in patients of type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Methodology: A hospital based prospective randomized trial was conducted on 104 patients of confirmed cases of T2DM. Subjects were randomized in two groups viz. Group 1 and Group 2 without and with intervention of yoga respectively (n=52). Anthropometric parameters were noted and serum glucose (Fasting & Post Prandial) and HbA1c were estimated. Results: A significant improvement in Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference and systolic and Diastolic blood pressure were observed in diabetics of yoga group as compared to the non-yoga group. Significant decrease in plasma glucose and HbA1c levels was observed in diabetics of yoga group as compared to diabetics of non-yoga group. In conclusion, lifestyle intervention such as yoga improves glycemic control and can prove beneficial in prevention of complications of T2DM.
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