International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

Correlation between calf muscle endurance and physical function in subjects with advanced knee osteoarthritis

Author(s): Padhmanabhan Suresh Babu Roshan, Dr. Umananda Mallya, Salbin Sebastian
Abstract: Introduction: Osteoarthritis is a chronic progressive disease which accounts for major disability in elderly population. More than 50 % adults aged over 65 years of age shows x ray evidence of knee osteoarthritis. In this population 45% of women present with symptoms of osteoarthritis. Incidence and progression of knee osteoarthritis is multifactorial. Prognoses of knee osteoarthritis cause changes in normal muscle physiology in and around the knee joint. Changes in calf muscle ability to sustain muscle contraction result in increased functional disability and reduction in quality of life. Reduction calf muscle endurance result in reduced ability to maintain the contraction. So, it is necessary to identify the association between calf muscle endurance and physical function in subject with advanced knee osteoarthritis. Methodology: This cross sectional study was consisted of 41 subjects with advanced knee osteoarthritis. Subject who met both inclusion and exclusion criteria were recruited by using convenient sampling technique. Subjects were assessed for calf muscle endurance by using standing heel rise test and physical function was assessed using WOMAC scale which consisted of three subcategories pain, stiffness and physical function. Correlations between these were estimated by using Karl Pearson correlation test. Result: Karl pearson correlational test shows a significant negative correlation between calf muscle endurance and sub scales of WOMAC scale such as pain(r=-0.835, p= 0.000), stiffness (r=-0.609, p=0.000), physical function(r= -0,785, p=0.000) and total WOMAC score (r= -0.845, p= 0.000) Conclusion: In this study it shows a strong negative significant correlation between calf muscle endurance and WOMAC sub scores such as pain, stiffness and physical function and total WOMAC scores. It suggests the importance of calf muscle endurance based therapeutic interventions in rehabilitative management of knee osteoarthritis.
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