International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Yoga for ideal and peak performance in sports

Author(s): Tapasjit Rajkumar, Sanjoy Sarkar, Dr. Ashim Kumar Bose
Abstract: The modern era is the period of competition. Competition in job, competition in education, competition in sports - competition lies in everywhere. To face these competition every individual has to be fit form body, mind and spirit. Sound body, mind and spirit is very essential for ideal and peak performance in games and sports, practicing yoga is the best way for that. Sports as we look today is not confined to mere competition it has taken the shape from amateurism to professionalism and then to take the shape of techno sports. Therefore the preparation of the sports person have been changed drastically than that was followed before. Challenges in the body contact game individual outfits and body language in out the field reflect the personality of the sports persons. From school level competition to the world championships winning a medal has become the only aim of success. Ideal performance is human state of high positive energy marked by a deep calmness, extremely high confidence and deep satisfaction in performing the activity on work in which the athlete is engaged. It is the optimal physiological and psychological level of arousal measured by muscular tensions, heart rate, blood pressure, and brain wave pattern and breathing composure that resulting peak performance. In every games and sports calmness of mind, physical fitness and social development of an athlete is important. Through the practice of yoga an athlete can developed his/her mental health, physical health, emotional status and social acceptability. Research shows that people competing for higher performance require some degree of stress (sprint start, attempting height in high jump or pole vault etc.) for clinching medal or setting of world record. Therefore, different types of exercises are blended with specific yoga exercises in the European countries for ideal and peak performance.
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