International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 2, Issue 3 (2017)

Life style of aged people in selected areas of Dhaka city

Author(s): Md. Ismail Hossain, Mohammad Abu Bin Nyeem, Meher Nowrose, Jahirul Islam, Md. Abdul Mannan
Abstract: This study was to assess the life style of aged people in Dhaka city. A cross sectional study was done in Jatrabari, Sonir Akhra and Matuail. A total number of respondents was 333, the range of age were from 60 to 89 years. Majority 28.8% of them were higher secondary school certificate holders, 98.2% were married, 87.4% were Muslim, 89.2% male, The mean income was 28081.40±15386.178 tk. 32.43% business man, 54.05% respondent’s family depended on their income, 50.91% relations with their family was very good, 67.57% relations with their relatives were good 50.45% relations with their friends were good, 93.7% took food as per self-minded, 45.9% took their meal after every three hours, 63.06% took food regularly, 52.3% of them didn’t get more time for taking food regularly, 70.27% rolled on in social ceremony,61.3% exercised regularly, 95.1% of them walked regularly, 63.2% of them exercised about one hour, 39.1% didn’t exercise regularly for Pressure of work from working place,79.6% were suffered from tension, 26.4% of them suffered from tension for house rent, 66.67% had diseases, 51.9% of them had diabetes, 98.2% of them took treatment for their diseases,61.26% took treatment from non-government hospitals, 53.2% of the respondents were looked after by their husband/wife, 24.32% liked to take news and watch it in their relax time. Further research is recommended to develop standard life style for quality assurance of aged people.
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