International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Volume 2 Issue 3

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
1Effect of B.P.Ed training on physiological variables of tribal students of Jhargram

Binod Chowdhary

Pages: 01-03  |  63 Views  31 Downloads
2Comparative study of body composition between intercollegiate basketball and handball players

Dr. Anil A Deshmukh

Pages: 04-06  |  58 Views  30 Downloads
3Effect of caffeinated drink on endurance performance of the athlete

Bhawna Mehra, Dr. Gaurav Pant

Pages: 07-08  |  55 Views  29 Downloads
4Burnout problems among physical education of directors in north Karnataka

Kum GG Danappanavar, N Chandrappa

Pages: 09-10  |  49 Views  29 Downloads
5Effect of alcohol on sports performance in athletes

Prateek Ghosh, Dr. Gaurav Pant

Pages: 11-12  |  50 Views  34 Downloads
6Comparative study of stress of male bowlers and male batsman of senior district level of Himachal Pradesh

Sharma Surinder Kumar, Bhardwaj Vikrant

Pages: 13-14  |  55 Views  30 Downloads
7Dreaming of Big Guns!!!! Curls Might Not Help

Dr. Navin Kumar, Dr. Alka Singh

Pages: 15-17  |  63 Views  40 Downloads
8Influence of varied intensity of walking on selected muscular strength and cardio respiratory endurance variables among middle aged men

Dr. J Karthikeyan

Pages: 18-20  |  33 Views  21 Downloads
9Assessment of mental toughness between volleyball and kho-kho Indian players of 12th South Asian games: A comparative study

Sunil Kumar, Pramod Kumar Yadav, Kashi Nath Yadav

Pages: 21-22  |  25 Views  18 Downloads
10Life style of aged people in selected areas of Dhaka city

Md. Ismail Hossain, Mohammad Abu Bin Nyeem, Meher Nowrose, Jahirul Islam, Md. Abdul Mannan

Pages: 23-28  |  29 Views  18 Downloads
11Effect of physical therapy on electromyography and nerve conduction velocity on early prognosis of Bell’s palsy

Dr. Maria Lamuvel, Dr. Mahendra Shende, Dr. Priyanka More

Pages: 29-32  |  17 Views  11 Downloads
12Effect of selected yogic asana on body mass index

Anjumanara Khatun

Pages: 33-36  |  25 Views  18 Downloads
13The integration of yoga in modern education: Why and how?

Nabanita Bera

Pages: 37-40  |  15 Views  10 Downloads
14Effect of 12-weeks training of mantras and breathing in surya namaskar on performance of six letter cancellation task

Vineet Kumar Sharma, Prof. Jayashree Acharya

Pages: 41-44  |  54 Views  20 Downloads
15Efficacy of yoga on flexibility

Bhavana M

Pages: 45-49  |  24 Views  13 Downloads
16Effect of Kapalbhati pranayama on core strength in overweight individuals

Supriya Vinay Deshmukh, Nilima Bedekar

Pages: 50-51  |  7 Views  6 Downloads
17Comparison of Speed in Basketball players according to their playing position

Ajay Pal Bhadu, Dr. Poonam Singh

Pages: 52-53  |  2 Views  2 Downloads
18A comparative study on flexibility and strength endurance between interuniversity level Kho-Kho player

Md Maidul Islam

Pages: 54-55  |  2 Views  2 Downloads
19Relationship of coordinative ability with the skills of basketball

Harpreet Singh, Dr. Ashwani Saini

Pages: 56-59  |  1 Views  1 Downloads
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