International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Volume 2 Issue 2

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1Effect of selected yoga: Pranayam on obesity of affected individuals

Dr. Subhash S Dadhe

Pages: 01-04  |  140 Views  86 Downloads
2Upshot of yogasana and relaxation technique surrounded by female varsity teacher learning students

Dr. P Vanithamani, Dr. S Akilandeswari

Pages: 05-06  |  100 Views  57 Downloads
3Brief communication: Tooth avulsion in children: facts regarding emergency management by sports teachers in school

Lavleen Gaur, M Vijaya Raju

Pages: 07-08  |  102 Views  58 Downloads
4Physical inactivity: The fundamental health challenge of our age

Dr. Shyam Sundar Rath

Pages: 09-11  |  95 Views  50 Downloads
5A study on speed and agility between santal and general school boys

Chandan Kumar Jana, Biren Mahato

Pages: 12-13  |  101 Views  58 Downloads
6Psychological skills among high performer and low performer soccer players

Singh Sorokhaibam Premananda, Dr. Sanjib Kumar Bhowmik

Pages: 14-17  |  110 Views  69 Downloads
7A comparative study of depth perception, agility and explosive strength of shoulder in volleyball and handball players

Dr. Anil A Deshmukh

Pages: 18-19  |  112 Views  72 Downloads
8Comparison of hand-eye coordination of female baseball and softball players of Amravati District

Dr. Vishakha S Saoji

Pages: 20-22  |  90 Views  56 Downloads
9शारीरिक शिक्षा संचालकों का कार्यभार तथा जिम्मेदारियों का मूल्यांकन

Dr. Khushal Jagtrao Alaspure

Pages: 23-25  |  85 Views  44 Downloads
10A survey of physical fitness on school children in Amravati District

Dr. Hemantraj J Kaware

Pages: 26-28  |  80 Views  46 Downloads
11Yoga effect on sports performance

Rohit Adling, Dattaram Bangar

Pages: 29-32  |  90 Views  57 Downloads
12A comparative study of explosive leg strength and explosive arm strength between basketball and volleyball players

Bhupender Kumar, Dr. Amandeep kaur, Dr. Mandeep Thour

Pages: 33-34  |  137 Views  93 Downloads
13Comparison between passive stretching and static cycling in male athletes in improving vertical high jump performance

Divya Khare, Devesh Pal

Pages: 35-37  |  74 Views  41 Downloads
14Effect of eight weeks yoga training on balance and hand eye coordination of individuals with intellectual disabilities

Dr. Biju Sukumar

Pages: 38-41  |  75 Views  43 Downloads
15A comparative study of physical fitness awareness among the male students of Bharati Vidyapeeth University medical colleges and engineering colleges

Anil Kumar Bajpaee, Gaurav Kumar, Bhavya Bharati

Pages: 42-43  |  81 Views  46 Downloads
16Effect of trataka kriya session on the visual perception of elderly people

Kripesh Karmakar, Dr. Gaurav Pant

Pages: 44-48  |  78 Views  44 Downloads
17A critical study on the responses of resource persons of UGC academic staff college

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma

Pages: 49-52  |  83 Views  48 Downloads
18Effect of continuous running fartlek training and interval training on selected skill related performance variables among male football players

K. Ravi Kiran, Dr. Sudhakara Babu Mande

Pages: 53-55  |  68 Views  40 Downloads
19Effect of Surynamaskar on cardiovascular fitness on school girls

Dr. Anurodh Singh Sisodia

Pages: 56-58  |  67 Views  35 Downloads
20Speed of movement among District, State and National level of track and Field Athletes: A comparative study

Praveen kumar Mishra, Dr. Gursewak Singh Saggu

Pages: 59-61  |  63 Views  35 Downloads
21Study of comparative effects of circuit training and plyometric training on selected fitness variables of secondary school boys

Mahesh Yadav

Pages: 62-64  |  84 Views  51 Downloads
22Response of acceleration speed and multiple speed to maximal power training with Plyometrics training on team handball players

E Balaji, Dr. K Murugavel

Pages: 65-67  |  77 Views  49 Downloads
23Prevention of juvenile delinquency through sports participation

Dr. Birendra Jhajharia

Pages: 68-71  |  65 Views  35 Downloads
24Comparison of health related physical fitness components between north and west zone volleyball female players

Dr. Sanjeev Yadav

Pages: 72-74  |  59 Views  36 Downloads
25Effect of yoga on health

Saroj Maroik, Chandra Sankar Hazari, Bhim Chandra Mondal

Pages: 75-77  |  49 Views  28 Downloads
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