International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2017)

A survey study of mood fluctuation during dysmenorrheal of sports women of I.G.I.P.E.S.S

Author(s): Mithlesh, Dr. DP Sharma
Abstract: Mithlesh (2014) conducted a study on―A survey of mood fluctuation during dysmenorrheal of the sports women of I.G.I.P.E.S.S.”. To identify the mood fluctuation of the sports woman of I.G.I.P.E.S.S. during painful menstruation cycles (Dysmenorrheal). Dysmenorrheal, is the factor which has not studies well as no study was found on concerned subjects. Research scholar has selected the topic with purpose to reveals the dysmenorrheal impact and its tendency. For the purpose of the study; profile of mood states (POMS) by Terry Orlick was administered as this particular questionnaire is widely used to measure an individual mood states in physical education and sports. POMS is considering most appropriate questionnaire for the present study. POMS questionnaire, which has appropriate administrative feasibility to assess mood state, was asked to fill by subject twice in a month, for 4th consecutive months. In a month, first it was administered 2rd or 3rd day of menses and 2nd administration of this questionnaire took place on 12th or 13th day after menstruation i.e. beginning of Lutea Phase. Prior to the administration of the test the subjects were briefed on the objectives and requirement of the selected variable that were to be tested. The study was delimited to female students of I.G.I.P.E.S.S. The age ranges of the subjects were 16 to 26years.The only subjects having painful menstruation were selected for the study. The study has further delimited to the Profile of Mood State Questionnaire developed by Terry Orlick’. To alleys the subject and there measured states descriptive test was implied. To asses mood fluctuation due dysmenorrheal t-test was calculated with level of significant at 0.05. It was also concluded that mood in Luteal Phase i.e. associated with better mood profile. Finding also assist to conclude that sports women may also be associated with painful menstruation.
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