International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

International Journal of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Physical Education

ISSN: 2456-5067

Volume 1 Issue 1

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
1A study of mental health with relation to emotional intelligence and self-confidence of college students

Sameersingh P Chavhan

Pages: 01-05  |  190 Views  108 Downloads
2Relationship between intellectual capital and strategic planning in the province Sports Bureau

Ziba Alefi, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam

Pages: 06-09  |  181 Views  100 Downloads
3Personality: Role of physical education

Kuldeep Singh

Pages: 10-12  |  269 Views  201 Downloads
4Effect of socio-economic status and sports participation on emotional intelligence of female players & non-players

Dr. Ajay Karkare, Dr. Satinder Paul

Pages: 13-14  |  177 Views  101 Downloads
5Confidence among volleyball players during competition (Clubs of Algiers Case Division 2)

Dr. Ajay Karkare, Dr. Satinder Paul, Dr. Med Fahssi Ryad

Pages: 15-17  |  173 Views  107 Downloads
6A study on the effect of sub-maximal and maximal load of bicycle training on selected haematological variables among college men players

Sandeep Singh

Pages: 18-22  |  185 Views  102 Downloads
7A Comparative study of personality traits between under graduate and post graduate physical education students of West Bengal

Mrityunjay Biswas, Rajkumar Bauri, Sandip Sankar Ghosh

Pages: 23-25  |  191 Views  127 Downloads
8Agility status among selected national level male football, Basketball and Hockey players

Dr. Thingnam Nandalal Singh, Harmandeep Kaur

Pages: 26-27  |  182 Views  112 Downloads
9Consumer reaction to the expansion of their relationship with the brand image (Component quality, variety or selection and atmosphere) sports companies in the Iranian city of Ardabil

Akbar Mahdavi

Pages: 28-30  |  174 Views  113 Downloads
10Factors effecting life expectency in developed and developing countries of the world (An approach to available literature)

Alamgir Khan, Dr. Salahuddin Khan, Manzoor Khan

Pages: 31-33  |  275 Views  174 Downloads
11Effect of yogic practices on selected motor fitness components of college girls

Dr. Anil A Deshmukh

Pages: 34-37  |  116 Views  67 Downloads
12A study on the attitude of teacher-students towards yoga education

Anjumanara Khatun

Pages: 38-39  |  19 Views  11 Downloads
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